Sunday, 21 June 2015

Three Years Later

Here it is, three years later.  I'm still reading, but I'm not writing.  Just like in the picture from my recent stay in Banff, Alberta, there's a little darkness but lots of light, there's a bit of cloud & mist, but the sun is shining through.  Overall, it's a beautiful existence.  I'm enjoying the single life.  I am now the undoubtedly the mistress of the remote control, in more ways that just the tv. 

Recent travels in books have taken me to Midworld in search of The Dark Tower.  I have finally embarked on this quest with Stephen King and I'm wondering what took me so long.  I've finished The Wolves of The Calla and have two more books to read to finish the quest. 

I've been to Mars with the Martian, written by Andy  Weir.  I saw the trailer at the theatre last night and I will definitely go to see it.

Let's see, where else have I been?  I'm no longer doing the Around The World in 52 books challenge.  I did eventually finish it, but it took longer than 1 year.  This year, I've become a serial killer.  Janice's Serial Slasher Challenge.  I'm currently reading The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearn.  In fact, today I start book 5, Trapped.  I love Oberon.  In fact, if it wasn't for Oberon, I don't think I would have continued this series.

I've been to Wales recently with Among Others by Jo Walton.  I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.  It was mystical, enchanting, and magical.  This book won the 2012 Hugo Award for Science Fiction.

Okay, we all know I get all twisted about genre definitions.  I have my own connotations and heaven help you if you disagree.  I hang onto them zealously.  I'm entitled to my opinions and my OCD proclivities.  To me, science fiction is... well, science.  Yes, fantasy is a sub-genre of science fiction, I will give you that.  But fantasy is.... well, fantasy.  There's not much science in this book hence I discard the notion that it's science fiction.  Still, I'm thrilled it won such a prestigious award.

But one can't pigeon hole this book in with some of the paranormal or urban fantasy pulp fiction crap that's threatening the minds of our young readers and ever present on the top favourite lists everywhere.  This book is mature, sophisticated, and actually has a strong message for our young women.  It's okay to be different, it's desirable even.  Be okay with that difference, embrace it.  Seek out like-minded people and find your community.  We all want to belong, but maintain your individuality and don't sacrifice your integrity by seeking the shallowness that is popularity.

And blessed be - this is not a series book.  It's so refreshing to read a book that is finite in it's own.  Leave something to my own imagination and creation.

Enough of waxing eloquent (or maybe not so eloquent).  I'm going shopping.  I found a colouring book that I have to have.  I need pencil crayons too.